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March 28, 2006

Finger-bleeding good: fried chicken and biscuits


At Hungry In Hogtown, we pride ourselves on being fair and balanced.  That's why we're pleased to bring you this special report on the chilling events of this past weekend.  Did the Cuisinart attack Rob?  Was it provoked?  We report, you decide.

"Whirrrrrrrrr. Whirrrr.  Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

"Okay, Cuisinart, we're even.  But frankly, I'm not impressed.

"Yes, yes, I did inflict irreparable harm to your chopping blade while making nori croquant, but it was an accident.  Besides, didn't I make it up to you by buying a shiny new chopping blade?  Apparently not, because your unprovoked retaliation with said blade the other night can mean only one thing: war.

"It was a quiet Saturday night.  I was innocently preparing a delicious dinner for myself and my love. I sorted through many cookbooks and researched online to find the perfect fried chicken and biscuit recipes.  I went with Alton Brown, figuring that as a Southerner, he must know the secrets of fried chicken (be sure to use enough shortening to come 1/3 inch up the side of the pan, not 1/8) and biscuits.  I even took the time to break down my free range, organic chicken and soak it overnight in buttermilk.

"The crucial moment occurred during biscuit assembly.  I was using the new chopping blade for the first time to aerate the dry ingredients.  After grating frozen butter over the flour, I plunged my manly yet vulnerable fingertips deep into the processor bowl to rub the mixture together.  But I didn't see the brand new chopping blade lurking below.  In the blink of an eye, the blade lashed out!  'I'm cut!  I'm cut!'

"The cut is small, but it bled profusely.  Thankfully, little damage was done to the biscuit mix, and Rachel finished preparing the meal, which was superb.  The chicken is everything fried chicken should be: crunchy skin, moist meat, with the subtle spicy bite of paprika and garlic powder.  The biscuits are a masterpiece of the culinary arts: a dough so wet it is almost a batter undergoes a metamorphosis in the oven.  The tang of the buttermilk and the full fat Greek yogourt is pronounced, but the biscuit itself is light and airy and golden.

"Reheated briefly the next day, the chicken is still crispy, the flavours even more developed than the night before. It was so good [stops to take a breath], but why did it have to be this way?"


"Bleeding-fingered liberal?  I oughta --"

(ed. Alright, that's enough.)


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Yeah, you have to watch out for those expensive appliances - not only do you have to pay out the arse for them, they can be so indignant! The chicken sounds fabulous.

I forgot to say how much I love Nigella's How to Eat book - it was the first of hers I bought and it's been a steady companion...she IS sexy, I do have to say, even if you're a woman! And, per your suggestion, I went to the library this weekend and picked up "In the Sweet Kitchen," and now not only am I going to be a devout library cookbook browser, I definitely must add this one to my repertoir! Thanks for the advice!


Oh, that's happened to me before to! The bastids! You know, not being from the South, or American for that matter, the fried chicken and biscuit thing was a mystery to me. To us, biccies are your version of cookies - I used to get so confused. So ... you just eat the fried chicken with the biscuits just like that? Do you have some kind of gravy as well?


Fried chicken and biscuits were my favourite meal...I may have to rethink my idea about not eating meat...


The personal sacrifice that you made for the greater good of food bloggers is beyond admirable.

Fried chicken and biscuits shall forever remind me of your stricken finger.

I salute you!

(Official score: Rob 1 - Cuisinart 1 ...)


Oops ... I see that my name didn't show up on the comment I left above ... sorry.

Again ... I salute you!


My spouse would kill for that meal, she begs me to make fried chicken. Your bisquits look very similar to the Cook's illustrated recipe that is my go to recipe. Yummy.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Fried chicken and biscuits? I had never heard about this before reading your post! What planet do I live on? The biscuits look so nice that I just need a bite! Did you really cut yourself? Ouch!


Michelle, "In the Sweet Kitchen" is a wonderful book. Even if you never use a single recipe, the substitution and flavour pairing charts make it invaluable. I can't tell you how happy I am that you've started using the library!

The fried chicken and biscuits thing is very a tradition of the US deep south, not Canada. I do believe, however, that biscuits and gravy is very popular. I could be wrong, but I believe the gravy is essentially a highly peppered bechamel, but don't quote me on that.

jill, as a former vegetarian, let me just say how truly delicious the occasional (or more than occasional) piece of meat is.

Thanks, Ivonne, I just hope the memory of my bloody finger doesn't stop you from enjoying a wonderful dish.

Randi, I think it's time you made some fried chicken. The best part is that cold leftovers may be even tastier than the fresh-from-the-fat version.

Bea, yes, I really did cut myself, and though the cut was small, it just wouldn't stop bleeding. I even reopened it the next day putting on my jacket. If you get a chance, you really should try the biscuits. Though the taste is a world apart, I imagine handling biscuit dough is very similar to working with brioche dough. Of course I could be wrong....


Oh my goodness, I giggled my way through that post despite being horrified by your (some say unprovoked) injury.

Well done, though! The chicken'n'biscuits sound fabulous, well worth the blood, sweat and tears! Bravo!


So strange...But sound good!!!
Molti complimenti from an italian girl!!
Ciao Rob


Owie owie owie.

You aren't actually convincing me that I should get a food processor ... I mean, I could barely get my knives and potato peeler to behave :)



Allora i soufflè ti aspettano qui a Torino, Rob!!
Take a fly!!
Thank's for stopping to my blog!

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