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April 18, 2006

Two great tastes: milk chocolate-peanut butter sandwich cookies


A girl can't live on liquid ravioli and coconut foam alone.  Sometimes I find myself craving a big green salad, or a nice hot bowl of steelcut oatmeal with brown sugar.  You know, something more substantial and homey than nori croquant.  Something a little more Betty Crocker than Ferran Adria.

That's why, the same day we made the liquid pea ravioli, I kept getting distracted by the recent issue of Bon Appétit.  It kept falling open to the same page, like a favourite centrefold.  This glossy photo, though, was of luscious peanut-butter and milk-chocolate sandwich cookies.  And what's more wholesome than chocolate chip cookies and PB chased down with some ice-cold milk?

In less time than you can say, "Recharge my foaming canister!", we whipped up a batch of these decadent treats.  Imagine chunks of Valrhona milk chocolate studding a crumbly dough flavoured with smooth Kraft peanut butter (the recipe specifically warns against using natural or fresh PB).  Now layer those cookies with a milk chocolate ganache into which you've slowly melted even more peanut butter. 

It's all my childhood cookie fantasies melded into one grown-up treat.  And let's not stop at peanut butter and milk chocolate!  Imagine almond butter, cashew butter, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, Nutella...

Mind you, it's no bowl of oatmeal.

For the recipe from the February 2006 issue of Bon Appétit, click here.  Assorted Valrhona bars, and bulk chips and pieces are available from Lively Life International Fine Foods in the St. Lawrence Market.


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Oh, Rachel! Rob! Wow!

I have the Feb 2006 issue of Bon Appetit but somehow I missed this. Your post is fantastic as always ... and all my favourite things mixed into one perfect cookie.

I love you! You have made the pain of the Leafs missing the playoffs bearable.

Mille grazie!


I just made some peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies the other day - although not with the decadent ganache filling like you. How come I've never done this combination before? Perfect comfort food!

P.S. I vote for Nutella filling next!


Now you're talking! I vote for dark choccie ... not keen on Nutella. With a large cold glass of milk ... drooool.


It's first thing in the morning here in California, and you two have got me craving sandwich cookies! Yours are seriously gorgeous--can I put an order in for a batch?:-)


How about some Oregon hazelnuts inside those cookies? They're on their way...but a bit of a problem...they showed back up at my door on Monday!? $#$@*!!! I'll explain in an email, but they should be there soon anyway - I even picked the fastest route possible. Yummy - you two really know how to make me drool, even right after lunch!

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

AH yes quand meme, de bons cookies! If only I could be in Toronto now, or are they all gone by now?

Bill Belew

Haute cuisine aside, I could dream of these. Anything that involves peanut butter in the mix and a smooth, creamy chocolate filling has my vote!


Mmmmm....need I say more?

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